E-recharge Link

E-recharge Link
We offers a unique and rewarding business opportunity to entrepreneur. It is ideal to startup for businessman, housewives, retired personals, employed, unemployed, under employed, students, retailers etc. You can recharge in all over India. In recent years the growth of prepay mobile phone, DTH and data card customers has been enormous. This has created a huge market for retailers who are able to earn a commission by offering prepaid recharge easily and cost effectively. If you are also planning to start your own mobile recharge business then we can offer you a beneficial "tool" that would ease the entire recharge process for you. The name of this tool is our efficient prepaid recharge api. It enables mobile operators to cut operational costs and gain increased reach and flexibility while subscribers benefit the convenience to getting their mobile, DTH and data card accounts recharged anytime, anywhere for any value. To start a dedicated mobile recharge business to promote dealer distributor network with one sim mobile recharge, ours is the best application.
Key Factors :
  • Caters to prepaid mobile, DTH and data card.
  • Recharge any denomination.
  • Covers all major operators.
  • Management of commission for the distribution hierarchy requirements.
  • No 'Out of Stock' problems.

Start Mobile Recharge Business in India
Mobile Recharge Business is one of
the  most profitable  opportunities
for entrepreneurs who seek to earn
more with less investment. Mobile 
phones have acquiredan important 
position in our lives. Be it a com-
mon man or high-class people [...]
Mobile Recharge Software for Mobile Recharge
We have specialization in providing 
mobile recharge software in India.
The software provides  easy
recharge for prepaid mobile, DTH
and data card.Our mobile recharge 
software gives you multiple API
support [...]
Mobile Recharge API For Mobile Recharge
The recharge api saves you from
the drawbacks of traditional or
paper based recharge methods.
Besides facilitating recharge of
prepaid mobile phones,DTH and 
data card for different mobile
connectivity service providers [...]
White Label Recharge Website
We offer white label solutions to
you in fully branded way to reflect
your corporate identity. We pro-
vide a readymade platform where
you do not have to make any inv-
estment in developing the rech-
arge application [...]